Gebroeders van Enkhuizen

Enksail Sailing Yachts

“Fun to sail in comfort and safety”. Enksail Yachts are Dutch built custom cruiser/explorer sailing yachts for long trips and long stays on board. There are three models: the Halcyon, Noordkaper and Orion. Which model are you choosing?

Fun to sail…

Enksail Yachts guarantees good sailing performance with minimum crew work. With the right equipment, you can easily sail the yacht alone or by two. The main lines are led from the mast to the cockpit to make sailing as comfortable as possible. Moreover, there is enough visibility from the pilothouse to walk watch from inside during sea voyages: dry, comfortable and safe!

Our sailing yachts have an extra-deep cockpit, putting you closer to the waterline. You experience less movements as a result, which makes for a better cruising experience. The extra-deep cockpit gives you a feeling of safety and security, which is especially valuable at sea. At an Enksail, you are not on the ship, but in the ship.

…in comfort…

All our Enksail Yachts are built semi-custom. This means that you, as the customer, can leave your mark on the equipment and also the styling and lay-out of the interior. The interior can be tailored to your wishes, adjusted to the number of people aboard and where you’ll be sailing. If you have an Enksail Yacht built with us, you are assured of a yacht of very good quality that will meet your personal wishes.

An Enksail Yacht is characterised by a beautiful, but also functional pilothouse. The pilothouse offers all-round visibility and a spacious seating area, which is nice while cruising but also pleasant in port. During bad weather, everyone can sit inside dry, warm and safe. This way, you extend the sailing season when the weather gets a little worse.

…and safety

Enksail Yachts have a number of characteristics that increase safety: an extra-deep cockpit, the functional pilothouse and also an extra-high sea rail. Unlike the average 60cm sea rail, which offers support up to the knees, this one comes up to the hips. This significantly reduces the risk of going overboard. In addition, you walk more smoothly and easily across the deck.

The design process begins and ends with safety without compromise. The ship should be steady, easy to sail and the construction should be rock solid. The ship meets CE category A certification, making it ocean-worthy. On an Enksail, you not only feel safe, you are safe.

“We have a beatiful profession. We are allowed to build things that we used to only dream about. Actualy, we are now building someone else’s dream. That is special.”


Because the interior of an Enksail is built custom, every ship that leaves our yard is different. The “signature” of the client is reflected in the yacht in terms of styling and layout. Based on your requirements and our experience, a well-considered layout will be created. With the layout drawing and style plan, our experienced carpenters/furniture craftsmen set to work “old school”. Together with the new generation. The interior is custom-made on site. This enables the spaces to be well used and allows us to be pretty flexible during the construction of the ship. We often hear from clients that the construction process is almost as much fun as sailing itself.


An Enksail Sailing Yacht is a ship for eternity. Founded in 1992, Gebroeders van Enkhuizen was originally a yacht installation company. This is visible in the clear and well-organised installations on board of Enksail sailing yachts. Moreover, in the designs, we took into account that the ship should be easy to maintain in the future and one should have easy access to everything.


Our involvement does not end with delivery. As an all-round yacht service company, we offer you more than just yacht building. Many of our yachts return annually for winter storage and maintenance. But service outside the Dutch borders is also possible. After the yacht building, we will advise and assist you with service/maintenance of your yacht for as long as you wish.