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First Enksail Halcyon 50 under construction

We have started building the first Enksail Halcyon. The aluminium has been cut and shaped and the first contours of the various parts are starting to show. It immediately becomes clear that it will be a robust cruiser.

The Enksail Halcyon is a sailing yacht with unique features that come from years of shipbuilding experience. The sailing yacht has been further developed over the past year and we are happy to be building the first ship now. It is a true cruiser with a lot of volume and a large pilothouse, which is ideal for long stays on board and great trips. Like the other Enksail sailing yachts, this aluminium yacht will be semi-custom.

The sailing yacht that is now under construction will have a hybrid propulsion system, variable draft and will be richly equipped with technology for the safest and most comfortable stay on board. In addition, the vessel has a large tank capacity and there is also plenty of natural light below deck because of the large windows in the hull. Up in the pilothouse you will find the galley.

The Enksail Halcyon 50 will have a length of 15.2 meters, with a length waterline of 13.9 meters. The hull will be 4.8 meters wide with a variable draft of 1.5 to 3 meters. The sailing yacht will weigh 22.5 tonnes.

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